just playing the waiting game here concerning work. too many irons in the fire so to speak.
I just wrapped up a month-long project installing wi-fi at the Merchandise Mart, but no word on how fast ill get a check.
I have someone asking me to run a WISP, IF he gets the bid to provide it.
I have to redraw a portrait I’ve already drawn 3 times.
all this work i have to do on a new laptop which i still haven’t transfered my hard drive into. and probably wont run any of my apps without a ram upgrade. but were stretched just to keep me in this laptop. (I’m thankful, don’t get me wrong.)
ugh.. and i don’t want to bring up all the people with outstanding bills.
I am sure God will come through on it all though.

just gets stressful.

It’s been a busy month.. but change is coming.

February went by like.. well,… I’m not gonna say fast, but I barely had time to breath in there. I was contracted to do a massive wi-fi install for the Merchandise Mart on the 1st and am just wrapping up the final documentation for that project today.
i logged over 100 hours on that gig in the first 3 weeks alone.
And on top it of, the last week was a roller coaster of emotion i don’t ever want to ride again.
First Ali got sick, then she wanted me to go to Quincy. The only problem being that I had committed to working with friends that week and getting some things done here at the house. So the anxiety of having to break my word to keep her happy (and safe) was hellish.

To contrast it all are the excitement of discovering new prospects while I was there.
Because of the lore of my work at the mart travels fast in a small town. A certain un-named mayoral candidate asked me to meet with him to discuss wi-fi’ing Quincy. Great possibilities lie there, but another iron in the fire without any guarantees just adds to stress levels. Lets just say I don’t plan on living like this forever.

So Finally yesterday i took the time it to get this freaking blog secured so i can turn up the frequency of posts. I guess I’m hoping it’ll be therapeutic. or maybe I’m hoping to turn this into a blog more about real issues going on my life, and none of the pretense of being some kind of technological information broker. This is the closest thing I’ve ever had to a diary, and all it says I think about is geeky shit. Well its not true (not entirely) and I’m out to prove it!

This has been a difficult and rewarding year of spiritual growth and frustration. But I plan to grow. I plan to learn. And I plan to share it all, so hold on as this little blog takes a turn as well.

Studying Greek

Spent my hour in the greek class materials tonight. i fell completely lost in it right now. I’m hoping to have a break through thogh like ive had with my personal computer studies.