Called Connected & Loved Coming to YouTube!

It looks like we’re going to be offering a bunch of videos from the “Called Connected and Loved” weekend! I’ve been logging video for the past couple of days and looks like we have well over 20 videos to edit together , not counting all of the music that we will be able to cut into individual pieces for YouTube. I’m really excited to share these with you guys ! keep your browser tuned to where ever you find out this information and I will make sure to pump out updates as they come.

Who is Michael Rood?

A little over a year ago,  I was watching researching the ark of the covenant. mainly because I wanted to be able to accurately Illustrate this object as the script that was loosely forming in my mind at the time had the Ark as a visual centerpiece in many situations.

On June 5th 2013 I went into the office where I was in the process of installing vinyl panels on a large conference room wall. Joining me that day was my friend Victor. the panels I was putting up were large enough that they require two people to get them in place accurately. Victor was privy to what I had been studying and i had brought him up to speed on what I was excited about and what I had been questioning. and during the course of this day I had brought up to him that I had been watching these videos about Ron Wyatt’s discoveries. I had mentioned that my old roommate had brought them up to me over 5 years ago but i had been spending time really digging into the background on them now as that when I had originally heard about them was prior to the internets proliferation or Youtube or even Wikipedia. I know that that was the night that i had brought up that of all the things I had read and watched in the past few days, that one video stood out.



The next day I returned to the office to finish the work and my faithful helper Victor returned to help get the last panels in place.


We weren’t 15 minutes into the install when he turned to me and said ” You’re not gonna believe what what I found out about MIchael Rood!”

(more to come soon… )

Late night talk about music and God

Instant Messenger [02:12AM]
Tim: holy shit

sastian: what?

Tim: that .txt is awesome

sastian: thats just a quick export from itunes of my nin list

Tim: waiting on 1 song and i have them all, for with teeth….. got’em
listening to pretty hate machine now, hard to beat that.

sastian: march of the pigs here.

Tim: fucking awesome

sastian: hell my whole collection is meticulously collected with album art included

Tim: wow

sastian: “we’re in this together” is hard to beat

Tim Horstman: I didn’t know that. I knew you had a lot, but not like that.

sastian: I was kinda hard core about NIN for a while, but I had to back off for its spiritual impact. lemme paint a picture,

[02:28AM] sastian: I was one of those people who reordered albums and would get all ceremonious about listening to the whole thing all the way through, with the phone off the hook and all, right?
So anyway, I’m in Georgia, I getup early, go to the record store. get my copy of “The downward spiral” thats laid aside. I get back to the apt., close the shades, locked the doors, cut the phone cord, popped in the CD

..track 3 plays. Heresy

got me so pissed, i took it out without listening to the rest of the album, took it out to the driveway and lit the fucker on fire
you see, Trent to me was all about the pain and hurt (usually emotional)

Tim: you set the downward spiral on fire?

sastian: “Pretty Hate Machine” was one of those albums you listened to while screaming at “insert girls name here” bleary eyed in your car, but once you cursed my God, you crossed the line. curse the bitch, sure. But not my God

Because in the back of my mind I identified with the pain. You see the humanity in it and yet think, man I could help him with the truth if it ever came down to it.

Tim: don’t you think that all of the analogies to god and the devil and such is really referring to the “man” the record company, big corporate America and all of the assholes that fucked him before

sastian: no

Tim: not really about god

sastian: I still think it was an honest assault

Tim: I don’t think so

sastian: ah well, just boiled my blood. and Trent went back to just being a very talented artist.

It’s like soda, it tastes really good, but in some way, deep down, if your smart, you know it’s killing you. a little at a time.
Everything you take in, food, art, thought, music. it builds who you are or tears it down… but, I still enjoy an ice cold coke in the bottle, and I can still jam to Trent

Tim: hmmm, taken it too seriously. it’s more for Trent than us
it’s his therapy

sastian: heh, I can dig that

Tim: rather than drugs. follow me? perfect drug

sastian: but i just chose not to Live in the nut house

Tim: LOL