Google Typekit Fonts used in Divi

Google Typekit Fonts used in Divi

In my most recent efforts in web development I have found that have tried to boil down all of my design decisions into a singular tool kit. All the decisions behind this selection of tools that I am choosing to confined myself to are based around streamlining maintenance of all of the web properties under my control. Part of this decision has led me away from the Joomla side of things long ago and has landed me square in middle of WordPress. As such I’ve had to decide what parts of working with WordPress need to be standardized and what are to avoided. Since I have decided that the theme is as important as the content management system fro many reason which i’ll get into later, I’ve narrowed my theme selection to what I believe to be the most versatile theme I can use as well as what types of extensions and plugins I will use. The result? Divi 2.x and hopefully any these that will work with the forthcoming Divi Builder Extension. 


It has been with few regrets what I have designed most of my sites recently on. Divi comes with a certain selection of fonts that are available via Google Typekit. This has led to me trying to design around these specific pre selected fonts in order to facilitate tighter integration with the built in options of this template.


One problem that has come up more often than not is trying to choose a font for a specific line especially if the client does not have a finished brand. And of the thousands of fonts that I have to choose from, I find myself gravitating back to this selection of fonts available in the Divi theme so that I can more easily obtain and maintain a coherent look.


The one glaring omission in the template stuff from Elegant Themes that I have found, is that there aren’t any font resources available. So I have created an Illustrator template that uses the same phrase put in every available font that is a option. All that is required as if you use the “find and replace” on the document and you’ll be able to see whatever word or phrase and every font available inside the Divi template. This should expedite design choices if you choose to try and match this subset of fonts.


So I decided to share this little tool. Hope you enjoy it!


Heres The .AI Proof Sheet with Pre-Flighted Fonts


All Google Fonts used in Divi and their Variants


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