A little over a year ago,  I was watching researching the ark of the covenant. mainly because I wanted to be able to accurately Illustrate this object as the script that was loosely forming in my mind at the time had the Ark as a visual centerpiece in many situations.

On June 5th 2013 I went into the office where I was in the process of installing vinyl panels on a large conference room wall. Joining me that day was my friend Victor. the panels I was putting up were large enough that they require two people to get them in place accurately. Victor was privy to what I had been studying and i had brought him up to speed on what I was excited about and what I had been questioning. and during the course of this day I had brought up to him that I had been watching these videos about Ron Wyatt’s discoveries. I had mentioned that my old roommate had brought them up to me over 5 years ago but i had been spending time really digging into the background on them now as that when I had originally heard about them was prior to the internets proliferation or Youtube or even Wikipedia. I know that that was the night that i had brought up that of all the things I had read and watched in the past few days, that one video stood out.



The next day I returned to the office to finish the work and my faithful helper Victor returned to help get the last panels in place.


We weren’t 15 minutes into the install when he turned to me and said ” You’re not gonna believe what what I found out about MIchael Rood!”

(more to come soon… )