Well, this book was nothing short of revolutionary. The way all these reference points have been put in my path is pretty amazing, not to mention how oddly interconnected they all are.

Last Month I made a point of maximizing the benefits to driving to south Carolina for my sister in laws wedding. Not that it wasn’t wonderful to be a part of that even in her life. We’re all thrilled for her and her new husband. but I wanted to make sure I wasn’t just driving right past some crucial experiences in helping define my research for this Word In Film project.

So upon looking at Google Maps Allison and I determined that we would swing through Tennessee on the way down and visit the Wyatt Archeological Museum. We also planned our return trip around driving through Charlotte North Carolina and visiting A Rood Awakening International. But I’ll save that for another post later and link it.

This book has served as a very thorough look at what had only previously been identified as “orientalisms”


The book can be bought from the author here for $13.95

Click here to buy “Too Long In the Sun” by Richard Rives


I am convinced this was a very formative book in Michael Roods ministry. I received this book directly from the author and know I wish I had thought of having him sign my copy.  I consider myself very privileged to have had the opportunity to receive this book in the manner that I did.