Well, it’s 4 am and I’m in a panic. I was staying in my daughters room tonight becuse she had a pretty eventful evening and wasn’t quite herself. She had a tumble and fell nose first into a window sill. She looks like a boxer now. I was pretty freaked out and thought she had broke her nose. Actually it was the first time i had to take her to the ER. after a late night in strange places for her, it turned out to be a big hoopla over nuthing. but i’ll post a story and pictures later.

but as I was saying, It was my job to put her to bed last night, so I slept my ibook as i normally do (closing it) and figured id get back to what i was doing later. After a bath and bruthing of the teeth and two books, I just curled up and slept with her. well about 20 minutes ago she started stirring. (her nose hurting I’m sure) I went down stairs to get a drink and finish whatever it was i was doing.
I grabbed my glass outa the freezer, (i conserve ice that way) poured a sprite, and went to open my ibook.

as i sat down and opened her up and went back to work. about 2 minutes into watching a video off of video.google.com, i reached over to grab my glass. not realizing how feeble my hand still is at times (see segway accident) the glass slipped out of my hands as i was lifting it from the coffee table and it fell back to the table about an inchor two. but when it hit, i got this spash effect. drink on me, the arm of the couch and on the laptop. I immediatly put the running laptop in an upside down "A" postion on th floor and wen to the kitchen to get towls (F*#*n klutz!) i cold still see & hear the laptop doing its thing, and it didnt look to be too severe so i dabbed at the keyboard and trackpad. I inadvetantly hit some buttons an fullscreened a video and some other things which left the screen black. (assuming the flash fullscreen thing) but then nuthing. it was on. just not doing anything. so i figured a reboot would be a good fresh start. It powered down fine. but when i hit the power button to bring it back up, all i got was a fan. 2 trys later and im panicking. after reading this article, I’m drying it out with the battery and keyboard out, upsidedown till morning. AND PRAYING!

I guess ill just sleep it off and believe all is well in the morning. ill be dreaming of startup chimes.