Why I’m going back to my own blog.

After spending time looking through my old posts on facebook for something I liked a few months back, I realized the reason I started blogging in the first place… MEMORY! If it weren’t for photography and blogging, I don’t think I’d remember anything long term. But sooo much of my life has now been siphoned off to other aggregated services that I don’t own, so I guess the next thing to do is upgrade this site with the latest wordpress and start cleaning house.

enjoy the silence

Ironically while listening to this track in the car on the way home, I didn’t enjoy the silence that occurred imediately after listening to this track. I hate when my phone crashes. Sometimes I think I’d be better off with an ipod…

Facebook killed my blog!

Well, after social media has hijacked all of my mental bandwidth, I have managed to break free long enough to clean house here. And since I’ve been running this site in Drupal for too many years, and debating whether or not to try porting to ”Joomla!”, I’m back to wordpress… (mainly since it has matured so much as a software package. It may even qualify as a full CMS instead of just a blogging platform) So I guess now I will be spending the next week or so putting old content in it’s place. Copying notes and whatnot laying around here and post dating it to fill the vacuum that social media left on here. So, to the 3 of you who might still read this… I’m back! 😉

getting crontab working

I was hoping that i cold get my digg feed to update via cron. but nuthing yet. i seemed to be able to get the cron job to work on my server without throwing me errors but it still isnt updating the feed. this seemed to help.

but all it did was get rid of the error reports in my email. nothing on the site changes.

man drupal is not as easy as i had hoped. Im thinking all our client work will stay joomla powered