Wednesday, March 14, 2007

sastian 5:18 PM
i need to focus on the creative now
if you can break it down and make it simple…

maybe i just have too much on my plate
if one app can make a lot of things easier its worth it

Thursday, March 22, 2007

John Rork 3:30 PM
heard of it?

sastian 3:30 PM
it sucks

John Rork 3:30 PM
i think they’re a lot of fun

sastian 3:30 PM
why would i use that when it doesnt make anything easier
it just waters it down
and hosts it somewhere i cant control it
wanna make short posts?
make short posts

John Rork 3:31 PM
i like the concept and the format

sastian 3:31 PM
do it with wordpress
a step backwards
i was hopeful when i saw it

John Rork 3:31 PM
i have wordpress too, but it’s a different animal for a different purpose

sastian 3:31 PM
i had a difernt idea of what it was gonna be
it doesnt make it easier
it just takes features away
if it were a app
a widget
and all you had to do was drop an image on it
drop pasted text
context menu everything in the OS
then maybe
but if im gonna fill out a form
im gonna do it on something that has potential
like i said
want to keep it simple
then make simple posts

John Rork 3:33 PM
but wordpress is just text

sastian 3:34 PM
all they do is limit you to making simple posts
joomla isnt
i outgrew wordpress in under a year

John Rork 3:34 PM
this gives you different types of posts and allows a different aestethic for each

sastian 3:34 PM

John Rork 3:34 PM
joomla is something else entirely

sastian 3:34 PM
id like it if i could install it and tweak features
othwise its a step backwards

John Rork 3:35 PM

sastian 3:35 PM
you dont have to use every feature

John Rork 3:35 PM
are basically comparing blogger to joomla
different things
service versus software

3:35 PM
i guess im interested in it as a service
if it were less work
takes the same amount of time to make a post with that POS as with any other blog or CMS
so i dont see the service
other thatn keeping people from having to install something
then yeah
but your locking down their content
what if they outgrow it in a year
whats the exit strategy?
what if they sell out

John Rork
3:37 PM
the same is true of blogger or blogspot or any other service

3:37 PM
or go under
thats why im not a fan of “services”
fend for yourself
then the only one who can fuck you is you
true service?
a toy
i tried it
for about 15 minutes
i was hoping it would be something i could integrate via rss or install on my own host
i was looking for the ways to tap into it
just domain forwarding
no feeds
no tag generation
no ways to integrate it into something else
i was hoping i could have something i could rip stupid little tidbits into myself
and see them freshen up the content on my page
with a ticker or something
maybe in a year theyll have something

John Rork
3:44 PM

3:45 PM
i agree with your first post
but cant agree with you cause you used a watered down peice of…sof… “service”

John Rork
3:46 PM

3:46 PM
just intall wordpess

John Rork
3:47 PM
i HAVE wordpress

3:47 PM
you dont have to buy into the whole blogosphe BS
g then why would you use this?

John Rork
3:47 PM
are you shitting me? wordpress INVENTED the blogosphere

3:47 PM
people did
im not competing
changing horses isnt the answer
changing mentality is
for instance

hell thats almost less work that tumblefucking
im gonna make this conversation my last tumble post
night all !