I have a new home for my portfolio!

Again I have neglected posting on my website because I have some other places on the internet to spend all of my time. For that I apologize to my one reader. But if you’re looking for my artwork find it now on Behance! I am so into the school built this website and I am very seriously consider replacing this domain what the services they offer. But until I make that decision, check out my profile at http://be.net/sastian

Sorry for the lack of posts

life has been kind of crazy a of late. Both with the amount of projects pouring in Combined with a spiritual refocusing of my life and talents, die kind of forgotten to post weekly. So, tonight ill make a pack with the interwebs that from now on, I will post every friday. In this weekly post I’ll atempt to summarize my week in some meaningful way. Hopefully ill get to post more artwork now that my home studio is finally coming back together.

The Domestic Tallboy Classic

(AKA The cheap-ass-24oz-beer-off )

Today, after being extremely indecisive in the beer I let my local grocer, I have decided to take on a project that I have talked about for a few years now. I am going to try to determine what’s the best cheap beer available is. I’ve thought long and hard about the correct way of approaching this project, and I believe I have come up with a plan that will help me conclude which beer is the best of the worst.

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Todays suggested reading: Pierre Bézier

Although Bézier only developed the notation, the algorithm was first developed in 1959 by Paul de Casteljau. Bézier curves consist of nodes with attached control handles, with which the curves are represented in computer software. The control handles define the shape of the curve on either side of the common node, and can be manipulated by the user, via the software.

Thank you Pierre!

Pierre Bézier – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pierre_B%C3%A9zier#section_1 Amazing information about


Has Apple lost its way?

Wow, after reading the reviews on apples own site, it’s apparent that there are MAJOR issues with Lion. I have to admit, i was a little envious when i saw the nifty interface applied to the mac address book, but i’ve had limited exposure other than that. Hell, I stopped watching the keynotes when Steve stopped doing them. This was the first year i didn’t even check the news on what happened durring the Apple WWDC. And I was once the guy who would drive to the Apple store to wach it broadcast there! But if this is any indicator, the feedback looks pretty disastrous.

It even has me wondering if i outfit my upcoming studio with new Macs! 

Updated the site finally

With WordPress’s new release I took the dive and I’m back at working a lifestream into the mix.  Tumbler (with no RSS) is dead to me now so that’s out. Posterous seems to still have legs, but the new kid on the block memolane.com looks to be what I’ve been waiting for. If I can integrate it into my wordpress, I might have just found my solution!